Destiny or Karma


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And karma said:

 ‘ You will love someone who doesn’t love you, for not loving someone who did.’

Mom is coming home, but, she no longer  can be alone. A nursing home would be ideal, but I’m sure we’ll be called every day for  the trouble she would cause.

Alternatively I can move back home and take care of her. She would not tolerate an aide, she would abuse her, and she’ll quit and we’ll still have problems.

But, before she can come home it will be renovated for handicapped access.  Thus, in the next month contractors will turn the first floor as an efficient apartment for mom.

Destiny said:

‘Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful ‘

Mom will rant and rave when she comes home to find her home upside down but, she has no choice, we are all victims of her folly. 

She will learn to accept instead of expect, she’ll have fewer disappointments.

And I would have done my duty as a daughter!

We are what they were


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As I sit an ponder all that has happened in the past weeks, I finally realized  how life is fragile and precious and  this thought came to mind:

We are as they were, We’ll be what they are.

We are life, we are death, we are dust.

We are born, we are adults, we are aged.

My friend ‘s father passed away, from kidney failure. 

My mom will never be the same again after her fall.

We are all affected by age and the aging. We forget that we will arrive there too.

A Book is a Journey, Life is Twists and Turns…


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If you bought the latest best seller, you could easily turn to the last page and find out what happened.  What would be the point of that? A book is a journey, and on each page, there are words that invite you to learn and love the characters, to experience the nuances of the situations, and to appreciate the beauty of the story itself.  If you jump ahead you miss so much. In life, it is simple to imagine how something will turn out.  Unlike a book, life has twists and turns that are written by the hand of faith and you can’t truly predict what will happen. 

Enjoy the journey how it presents to you.  It is posed to contain greater beauty that you can yet imagine.

Photo curtesy of friend